Welcome to attenuation circuit

attenuation circuit is a not-for-profit label releasing experimental music and other forms of sonic art in the form of CD-Rs, LPs, and downloads.

We are interested in the various ways in which the use of found sounds, field recordings, improvisation, electronics, and unconventional sound sources continues to expand the traditional boundaries of “music”.

Founded and run by drone artist EMERGE, the label is currently supported by a network of artists with backgrounds in sound poetry, radio art, and underground dance music.

The label’s catalogue, including artists as diverse as Artificial Memory Trace, B°tong, Doc Wör Mirran, If, Bwana, Nocturnal Emissions, and PBK reflecting our wide range of sonic interests.

attenuation circuit offers, among other things, a platform for new experimental artists from its immediate surroundings. attenuation circuit is dedicated to fostering exhange between the small, but thriving local experimental music scene in Augsburg and international experimental music artists.

While many of our releases could be categorised as drone, electronica, electroacoustic improvisation, musique concrete, or noise, our definition of “experimental” may also include certain aspects of contemporary composition or unorthodox takes on pop idioms.

ac live series


ECHOKAMMER - just sound!
präsentiert von attenuation circuit & brezenstudio

FLAUB [electronic avant-garde / Buenos Aires]
Ingrid Thorwart [exhibition / München]

k15 / Kanalstraße 15 / 86153 Augsburg
Einlass 20:00 / Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)
Eintritt: Euro 7


AC headquarter, Augsburg / re:flexions – live at home:

NoisesculptoR [ambient noise / Ungarn]
get in contact for details


k15, Augsburg / re:flexions:

THAT BLACK [audio-plastic performance for five gravitational synths and one live body / Ukraine]
ROYAL HUNGARIAN NOISEMAKERS [improvised AmbiNoise / Budapest]


k15, Augsburg / re:flexions:
GO [avantgarde noise / Japan]
ALL MACHINE [contemporary soundpoetry / Ungarn]
EIGENIDYLL [electroacoustic improvisation / Frankfurt-Augsburg]


k15, Augsburg / re:flexions:
LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS feat. EMERGE [concrète ambient / Lodz-Augsburg]
MUYASSAR KURDI [sound and movement / Chicago]
VOID OF SOUND [noise ambient / Norwegen]


k15, Augsburg / re:flexions:
BOM (Bass-O-Matic) [experimental noise / Ungarn]


Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg / echokammer:
präsentiert von attenuation circuit & brezenstudio
Albrecht Rau [slam poetry / Augsburg]

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